Tiger Safaris is owned and operated by Tony Talbot, specialist and expert in tiger fishing.

Tiger fishing on Lake Jozini in KwaZulu-Natal is among the best fishing in South Africa, taking on fierce and fighting tiger fish adds a whole new dimension to your fishing safari.

Due to the ecological sensitivity of the area, most fishermen practice catch and release of tiger fish.

Tigerfish, renowned its fierceness and leaping ability – has earned the reputation of being one of the world’s toughest freshwater fish to restrain.

The tiger fish vary in size, and are plentiful in Jozini.

We catch by way of spinning (artificial lure casting) and fly fishing  – Spinning is a really interactive way to fish and the takes are explosive and adrenalin pumping.  Fly Fishing is far more technical and you need to know how to cast a fly rod.